Thursday, 10 December 2015


For Inquiry I am In Rebecca's Impact Project Group. I am Trying To Make a craft day and it will be on the day we show our work . So i have been thinking about what we should create and how what  stuff we can use and how much of it we have.
 I have been busy finding crafts to use and what type of crafts we can do and i decided to do some xmas crafts because it is so close to xmas so we created a xmas tree. We found some crafts that we could stick on the tree and put them on a slide. getting ready we thought of doing some baking and what spots we would do our crafts in. the real thing was amazing but i forgot to bring some baking so we bribed people to make some xmas tree decorations by saying if you made ONE decoration you would get a piece of brownie.

  • the hardest part of all this was most probably giving out the brownies and getting the craft supplies.
  • The funny part was when every one just wanted the brownies so we were thinking of TAKING OVER THE WORLD WITH BROWNIES HA HA HA HAAAAA. omg that seems evil XD
This is my finished product:

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