Thursday, 10 December 2015


For Inquiry I am In Rebecca's Impact Project Group. I am Trying To Make a craft day and it will be on the day we show our work . So i have been thinking about what we should create and how what  stuff we can use and how much of it we have.
 I have been busy finding crafts to use and what type of crafts we can do and i decided to do some xmas crafts because it is so close to xmas so we created a xmas tree. We found some crafts that we could stick on the tree and put them on a slide. getting ready we thought of doing some baking and what spots we would do our crafts in. the real thing was amazing but i forgot to bring some baking so we bribed people to make some xmas tree decorations by saying if you made ONE decoration you would get a piece of brownie.

  • the hardest part of all this was most probably giving out the brownies and getting the craft supplies.
  • The funny part was when every one just wanted the brownies so we were thinking of TAKING OVER THE WORLD WITH BROWNIES HA HA HA HAAAAA. omg that seems evil XD
This is my finished product:

Sunday, 6 December 2015

My Poetic Writing

Description: As you obviously know from my last post in Troy's writing group we have been learning about poetry. Last week we did Cinquains. We are putting the two poems that we wrote into our yearbook for the end of the year graduation for the year six's ( Me 2 ). We Put Our Work Into A slide first thing before they are put in the year book. Here is the slide with all of our Wonderfull poems. Are you able to guess what ones are the Cinquains and what ones are the Free Verse Without reading the signs on mine. Hope you enjoy btw mine is number 5. XD

About Cinquains:

Cinquains are a type of poetry when you don't have to rhyme, they have 2 syllables on the first line then 4 syllables on the second line, then 6 syllables, then 8 syllables and then back to 2 syllables. Like a Christmas tree.

About Free Verse:

Free verse poetry is when there is no rules what so ever, it doesn't have to rhyme. We could write about any experience we had. So can you guess what I wrote about.

Big Idea:


FeedBack/FeedForward: Olivia I think you have done a wonderful job on your Cinquains and Free verse. I think you could work on explaining what your thingy mabobo is about.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Writing ( Cinquain )

Description: For Writing I am In Troys Group And in Troys group we have been learning to write Cinquain's And I wrote my Cinquain About my passion of Singing. Here It Is

This is how a Cinquain works:

2 Syllables
4 Syllables
6 Syllables
8 Syllables
2 Syllables

Amazing Passions

Amazing, Cooling, Beautiful
Nothing Can Block Us From Passion


FeedBack And FeedForward: 

Thursday, 26 November 2015

My Cinquains

These are my Cinquains I wrote with Troy in his group. I Hope You Enjoy

A Life Unlike Ours


Magical, Colorful

Swimming, Drifting, Dancing

Life Like Never Before


All Around Us


Air, Greenery

Growing, Becoming, Living

Loving Families All Around


Up Above

Passing, Clear

Glowing Up Above

Painted With Lifeless Blobs


Monday, 19 October 2015

Reading Sample

Title: I think that the name: The Spiral Chrysalis is an amazing and grasping title I am Guessing by the name this has to do with a butterfly hatching but Do not judge a book by its cover.

Cover Designs: The Illustrations look magical and it just wheels you in. I know I have not read it yet but an opinion of mine is that I will most probably get wheeled in and will not be able to leave until I finish.

Blurb: the blurb is really magical and grasping it is an amazing way to make it magical and exiting.

Predictions: I think It is set in the back yard and three people get stuck in another world I think that when no one can leave the Butterfly Spreads its wings and leaves the Chrysalis.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Passion Project Term 3 2015

Description: Every week on Thursday we do Passion Projects with Suzanne. My Passion Was SPCA Cupcake Day. And every day we made cupcakes if Suzanne or Debbie were free.The people that were in the Passion Project Spca Cupcake day group were Sophie Wilson, Devin Dunlop, Abigail Young and myself.


 Big Idea: We Wanted to make 300 cupcakes for the SPCA Cupcake day this year. We Raised $840! We baked mini sized Cupcakes, Normal sized Cupcakes and Texas ones (The Really big Ones!)(That look like muffins!) People brought in donations, food and blankets. We made around 350 cupcakes! Some people offered to bring some cupcakes to help go towards the SPCA. We got round about 1200 cupcakes altogether at the end. 

Evaluation: I think that we have done very well in the cupcake day. Lots of people wanted them.
Next Time I think we should hand out the notice first and then count up all the cupcakes we have and then we could top it up. I am so glad and proud that we raised $840. 

Monday, 7 September 2015

Writing Sample

Description: In writing we have had to write a story about whatever we wanted. We got to choose what type of story. Our choices were like Diary, Newspaper, Song or Descriptive piece.
I chose diary talking about my life.

Big Idea: Dear Diary

My mum and dad lived in Wellington New Zealand. My dad had his own Fantastic hair business it was named Furness Hair. My mum worked there too so that was how my parents met.

Then a couple of years passed and then I was born (And I was amazing!) . I know they would have loved me because I was the first born. But a bad thing is they thought I was going to be a BOY.
They were going to name me Ollie but since I was a girl they called me bubba for a while then they thought of Olivia the one name that means Olive Tree.

I had grown to be 1 and a half I guess and then my sister was born at the end of the bed.
Like every other baby I was annoyed That the attention was taken away from me so I decided to say When baby go home for about a month until I realised that she was here to stay.

Then we moved from wellington when I was 4 and I can remember singing kids songs and being piled with towels yes I said it towels.

when we got there I went straight to bed but then I realised the bed was in the car so I slept on the floor. Ok so really the rest of my life was I started school then we moved then we moved again to a stinky house and now we are well remaking it so that brings us to today I am a 10 year old. I do TAEKWONDO and I now live In Palmerston North New Zealand. So that was my life.


FeedBack/FeedForward: You have done a great job telling me about some of the things in your life. I think that you could still work on adjectives because there wasn't very many descriptive words. For example when you said ......  and being piled with towels yes I said it towels. Instead of saying towels you could of described the towels where they fluffy, where they sulky, where they soft. Georgia :)

Evaluation: Ok so Georgia I agree with you but I need to say I COULD NOT describe about the towels I do not even know what songs we sang.